Key Control

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Key Control

MIDI Note Quantizer - Automatically maps all MIDI note data to a given key and scale

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Key Control is a MIDI device that maps your keyboard controller, synthesizer or sequencer to a chosen Key and Scale. All MIDI note data will automatically be moved into the desired Key & Scale. Choose between 11 scales and all 12 keys.

Simply hook up the Key Control between your keyboard controller and your desired MIDI destination (computer, synthesizer, sequencer, etc) via standard 5-Pin MIDI DIN cables. Or put your synthesizer in "Local OFF" mode and send the MIDI out from your synth through the Key Control and back into the synth, to always play 'in key.'

Works great with sequencers and arpeggiators as well!

With a fast and easy 2 knob interface, you can quickly dial in one of a possible 132 possible key and scale combinations and get down to making music fast and with no fuss.

In “Chromatic” mode, 127 MIDI notes are passed through unchanged, while the “Key” knob will transpose the incoming MIDI notes up to 11 semi-tones.

MIDI notes are changed depending on the Key & Scale chosen, but all other MIDI data passes through unchanged, with low latency and fast operation.


The original OS in the Key Control used the white keys on a keyboard for single notes in a key/scale, and the black keys to play chords. But after using the Key Control for a while I noticed that I wasn't using the chord function at all, since playing chords manually was easier (see the picture on the right on how easy it is to make chords). More than that, I ended up wishing that I could use the Key Control as a general MIDI quantizer, something that I could use with sequencers and arpeggiators.

The problem with the original OS was that if I was using a sequencer and I transposed it - some notes would be transposed up (natural notes), for others a chord would be sent out. As an example, if I had a C in my sequence and I transposed it up a semitone, the output note would not be C# but a chord!

So, I changed the OS for myself to only output note data and loved it! Now, instead of chords on the black keys (sharp/flat notes) it will output the notes nearest to the left. And now that I'm bringing the Key Control back into production, I've decided to make the new OS standard as it makes it much more useful in a MIDI environment.

Compact but tough aluminum case. Ships with 9v power supply.

Scales include:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor
  • Dorian
  • Locrian
  • Lydian
  • Blues
  • Major Pentatonic
  • Minor Pentatonic
  • Augmented
  • Chromatic / Thru Mode

NOTE: A couple of users have had some issues using the Key Control with certain DSI synthesizers in 'stand alone' mode, namely the Prophet 12. The problems only arise when feeding the MIDI out of the P12 into the Key Control and then back into the P12, there are no problems when using a seperate keyboard controller or synthesizer. All other synthesizers have been reported to work fine.


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